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The 6th European Conference on Neonatal and Paediatric Pulmonary Vascular Disease will take place at:


UMCG Groningen

University Medical Center Groningen

Hanzeplein 1, 9713 GZ Groningen

The University Medical Center of Groningen is one of the biggest medical centers of the country. It serves as referral center for the north of the country as well as neighbouring regions of Germany. It is also a national referral center for a number of rare diseases among which pediatric pulmonary hypertension. One of the cores of the UMCG is its congenital heart diseases center serving pediatric as well as adult patients. Moreover, the UMCG is a prestigious transplantation center, allowing transplantations of more organs than any other medical center in the Netherlands. 
The southern part of the UMCG, where the conference will also be held, has been built in the 90's. The architectural design of the building has been focusing on the healing process, creating a city in the city. The hospital is close to the city center. the patient rooms are on the periphery of the building allowing every room to have view and light. In the center, the buildings has streets and patio's. The visitors, the students and the personnel create a vibrant atmosphere. In addition to that, exhibitions, conferences and other event take place in the center of the hospital. It is thus possible for the visitors and  to walk in those indoor areas and feel that they are part of the community. The UMCG is also a university campus for the faculty of medical sciences of the University of Groningen. The northern part of the buildings complex has lecture halls and buildings for research, among which the European Research Institute of Biology of Ageing. 

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